Script API replacements because of BMesh


with the new coming release of Blender 2.63 with all the changes for BMesh, there are changes in the API.
i have a problem with my old MS3D add-on script, that will not work anymore with the new coming blender release 2.63, because of the API is changed and the old properties are not available anymore…

e.g.: v2.62 (44136)[0].data.uv_textures[‘UVMap’].data[0].uv1

and in v2.62.1 (44620) there are no UVs accessible anymore on that way…[0].data.uv_textures[‘UVMap’].data[0].???

can some body give me an example how i can create uv coordinates to an mesh with the new API?

or is there a document available with a “Howto” “old API” -> “new API” replacements…[‘Cube’].data.uv_loop_layers[0].data[0].uv


Would you please inform me(us) how to create an uv_loop_layer and then a number of uv ? (2d Vectors I think)?



Thank you… the question raised by me, because an *.obj import did not work because of UV mapping was not ok and I had the idea to repair the script …
But luckily import wavefront does its job nicely! SVN 44849 this morning compiled :wink:

So good info can be gotton by looking at from io_scene_obj directory !!!

Great, I recommend use Collada. This format supports several uvs.