Script : Blender Herman Hertzeberger interpretation

Hello guys I have a few question regarding creating a model with my script.

First of all its an architectural reinterpretation of the building Centraal Beheer from Herman Herzeberger.

I did this script with the help of a few forum members back in 2015 ( i think). It was done in a rush so the result might not be the best as expected.

Anyways I know there is 100 options to run this script more smooth and easier, and thats the point why I am posting this over here.

But one question I have right from the start :
What do I have to do import a model with a script from another blender file in the current one? (I am pretty sure if you see the two attached files you will understand.

Hermann Hertzeberger Module .blend (1.07 MB)

I am eager to learn more about the script so if you want to help me out on this one, I would appreciate it alot!

Best regards,
Fortes Odair


Hermann Hertzeberger 7.blend (1.91 MB)

Wrong forum, Sorry