[Script] Curves to Meta

Converts a bezier-curve (one object with many splines) into a mesh - with the help of metaballs.

It considers the radius of the bezier-points, also the mirror-modifier, but can handle so far just one axis at a time.

Two Dropdowns:
Segment - the amount of metaballs for calculation, more metaballs mean higher quality, but calculation-time rises vastly. The Option ‘inherit’ take the number of metaballs from the segments of the active spline.
Mesh Quality - the metaballs are normally not kept and are deleted within the scope of the script. Also there are modifier applied to reduce the number of faces. With this option you have influence on the Metaball Resolution and the Decimate-Factor (the values pop up when you hover over the options). Consider, with the same amount of faces, a higher Metaball-Resolution gives a better quality than a lower decimate-factor, but also takes more time. The options are grouped by the resolution and the decimate, and give an approximate amount of reduction proportional to the highest quality.

The two checkboxes allow you to keep interim results for testing - at your own risk !!!
Keeping the metaballs can easely freezes your computer.



By the way, i could use some help on the script:
(1) i want the Panel below the main Object-Panel (but still in the Tool-Box, and not in the Tool-Option-Box)
(2) i want the Panel to vanish completley, when i have choosen something else but a curve. At the moment the Panel just turns inactiv.