'Script error, check console.' - Which console?

I’ve recently downloaded a lot of importing/exporting scripts for blender/python.
Only a few of them seem to be working. The others bring a message like, ‘Script error, check console.’. Where do I find this console?

If you’re running Blender under Linux or Mac OS X, you’ll have to start it from a terminal window in order to have a console. Under Windows, the console is that DOS window that pops up with Blender.


Thanks. No I know what the problem is.
It’s something with a ‘file’ variable or so.
In older blender versions you’ve had a text window where you could see and edit the script inside blender. Does this feature still exist, or do I have to use an external text editor for that?

The text editor is still there. Though if you’re using scripts from the menus, you’ll have to load them in your blend file before editing them.