script error?

i’ve tried to run the gen3 script and it keeps coming back python script error - check console. And guides me to : from gt.gtmath import* in the text window. This does not compute with me either. What can i do to fix it?

Please look at this thread
Similar problems already been discussed there. I think you can find solution at that thread. (Did you copy gt folder? :slight_smile:

Ok checked out the forum - did not help.

When you say did i copy gt folder do you mean copy the files into the same folde as folder? What i did is made a new folder and copied all te files into it plus all the files in the gt folder. That doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

place the gt folder into Blender.blender\scripts\bpymodules
place the into Blender.blender\scripts
make trees hopefully, note that this script is quite complex & may run slow.

ya see - only the ozzie’s tell it how it is. You’re a genious bro :RocknRoll:. That works - happy days. Now to battle the textures…