Script for automated jewellery render, multiple POV, post result on our DB


We run a customised jewelery (hi-quality!) business and we want to add front-top-side-iso images of our clients designs in our ecomerce DB. We mostly script using Python. We will take care of the trigger and the upload script, we need assistance for the rendering process. the process shall be run on our server without any human assistance.

Any offer will be considered!

Below is a screen shot of our webgl 3D customizer


If your customizer generates a blend file, we have a solution that may be a good fit for your need. Our API can be used to send jobs automatically to our farm, and to download the renders. The rendering will be done on our servers, and this means that you won’t have to setup and maintain an in-house rendering server (or server cluster). This solution can also accommodate any peak in your load, so no matter how many new designs you have, they will be rendered in a timely manner. Our service is secured, and if needed we can sign an NDA to make sure your work is further protected.

If this sounds interesting, I can give you more details about how the API works in private.

Marius Iatan

We generate a .obj file that is quite light (+/- 500kb) and the rest is maps (diffuse, transparents, etc). We prefer to do the render on our server side since we need the result uploaded in our DB as fast as possible, mather of seconds. The server is already running up for our boolean and some modeling. Essentially, we need a hand so we can import the obj, create/assign the material, assign the maps correctly, create camera, run the render, save the result.

I have a addon like this that I use for other purposes. It can be customized for your needs, if you still need it let me know on PM.

I allready developed absolutely the same thing some time ago for a 3d print business for jewellers, so contact me (in pm) if you wish to remake the script for you. I would be free in june for this job.

pm sent. I’ve done this before and already have the code.

I’m also interested at a solution like that. @all, please send me your information! thx!