Script for Blender SVN + Yaf(a)ray SVN

The SeVeNblend is a script in BASH which I had written to make the compilation of the latest Blender with Yaf(a)ray easier.

It can optimize your build by using scripts, compile Blender with your own icons and make the Yaf(a)ray Export Script really works :wink:

It’s GNU GPL v.2 so - do with it whatever you like.

I really insist on reading README file. You need some libraries to compile Blender. Also please ba patient - downloading whole code and compiling it from the scratch can last quite a while.

Hope it will work for you :slight_smile:

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

PS. It’s for GNU/Linux. Ubuntu 8.04 users will surely benefit from the ready-to-go ‘apt-get install…’ line in README file.

This is great news, thank you greenthumb.