Script for distributed rendering

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of course this is uesefull if you have more than 1 CPU…

Script allows for an automatic distribution of the frames of an ANIMATION over different machines, dividing the workload accordingly to the number of CPUs of each.

Configuration is simple, you need to fill in a list of your machin names, and a list of how many parallel tasks can be spawned on that machine (ideally as many as that machine has CPUs)

You also need a single directory accessible by ALL machines through the SAME name (but this is trivial)

It is Perl 5, using system function ‘rsh’ so you must have Perl and rsh client installed on the machine from which rendering is spawned and
the rsh demon on any other machine. This probably cuts out Window users …

Link is

in the ‘Scripts’ section

Tell me if you find it useful :wink:

My last clip (The canyon flyby) was made like this by hand (i.e. by launching blender on different machines for different pieces of the clip) then I decided it was better to automate all :wink:


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Hi, Stefano. :slight_smile:
Nice script because can be used on many S.O. and is free.

My BlenderTOOLS only support windows and is not free (but cheap) Otherwise, the distribution of the tasks is smarter (relative to the machine speed) and can be used throug internet and .

A freeware version is available on (the spanish portal about Blender)

Visit: e-shop