Script for fitting new simplifed mesh loop

So first some background: I am working on a rebuilding human anatomy from data generated from MRI data. The process first generates a mesh based on the pixels from the MR images but this is very messy and contains to many errors to be useful for much. Thus, I have been working on manually re-meshing these models by taking slices, “tracing” these profiles with a new circular mesh, and finally connecting the new profiles into the desired geometry. This process works well but is tedious.

My question: Is there a script which can take one of these slices and fit a new mesh loop to it? The basics are illustrated below:

Step 1: Generate a slice
Step 2: Generate new mesh (This is usually a 16 point circle)
Step 3: Fit new mesh to original slice profile

Generating the slices and meshes are not really a issue, it just simply takes to much time (er rather more than I would like) to manually fit each profile.


an idea may be!
why not simply use shrinkwrap modifier for you circle loop
or add a cylinder around with shrinkwrap
won’t fit perfectly but can be easier to correct afterward !

also if you have real slices you could use Voxels in Bl to view 3D models

happy bl