Script for multiple .blend files per game?

I have a small idea for a game; and was planning on using crystalspace3d but then my friend who had experience in this engine had some important stuff come up and wont be able to do it. So; The idea for our game isn’t very complex and I personally think it’s within blender3D’s capabilities. I was wondering if through python scripts you could use several .blend files for different levels. If this is not possible directly; is it possible to launch a executable through a python script so I can use a seperate executable for the menu navigation between levels? The game is a simple tony-hawk style game but on foot (The sport of Parkour; Some english people call it Freerunning). I wouldn’t mind needing to make a seperate blend for each level and distributing it as a bunch of exe’s (Renamed to .lvl) and launched through a main exe if it’s possible.

Quick note: I heard multiplayer; though directly not integrated is possible with game engine. How would one go about doing this? Using a seperatly programmed exe to run files to a server through a file edited through python?

You can use LogicBricks to load other .blend files easily, and maybe a script to save variables in a file that can br read by the other loaded .blends.

Ask saluk or jd-multi about multiplayer.

Allright, thanks for the quick reply : ). I’m still fairly new to the logic brick system, but I heard blender game engine is the way to go if you’re a small team or wanting to just start into game develloppment; and wont lack the power of bigger engines.

I’m glad I could help.

Once again, no point in spamming the forums with my stupid questions. I can’t believe I almost forgot this one!
Does it support render to texture? Afaik it was a GLSL shader feature, but I’m really not sure.

If you want to bake lighting, you can probably find how to do it with a quick search of these forums.

Blender have two differents types of textures:
The UV Texture, that you place a picture face-to-face.
The procedural texture (I’m not shure if this is the name), where you just adjust the Blender Material and the texture appears.
The engine just supports the first type.

gameengine now supports material textures though

How can I do it?

It only supports image textures, color, and specularity. You can do multi-layering and stuff too. There is now a “use blender materials” button in the game menu at the top of the screen.

To answer your question about render to texture: No, to the best of my knowledge, Blender does not yet support render to texture. It is a GLSL feature, but not all of them have been implemented in to Blender as of yet. Render to texture is one of those.

Alright, thanks Blendenzo for a direct response!. Since there is no render to texture, I’ve been using a perverted tube of mirrors, similar to the parascopes everyone made as kids o_O… It gets the job done :). On the other hand, Blendergame engine is in hard devellopment, and is it planned to be implemented within a few releases, if anything is planned at all?