script for normal map

i know there is a script to do displacement map

but is there one to do normal from color picture ?


Probably be easier to just do it in the gimp than write a script to do it in blender.

But a script wouldn’t be that hard to write since the concept is pretty simple…or you could always patch up the source and build blender with my normal map node.

well i tough that this was such and old subject in CG that it would already exist somewhere

now sorry but never seen the node thing your talking about

do you have a thread for this ?

can it do a normal map from a real color pic not a color jpg dwg !

might still be interesting


This is what you’re talking about, color jpg to normal map?

If you want to build your own blender I can upload a patch for the non-image node one.

it would be nice to built
but i never done that before so i don’t think it’s going to be easy

i whish i could do it for window and the bas relief node it would do even more
than that!

looking at bottom header looks like composite nodes
but i check the composite node and don’t see the nodes you have there

what the node with a png pic on the left ?
and the normal node does not look like the value node

now is there a way to sent this to ouptut node and save it as normal map ?



beabe will be cool if integrate in future 2.6 !