Script for reading webpages into the Blender Game engine

I am wondering whether it is possible to feed text into a menu or popup display within the game engine from wikipedia or other sources. I do not know how to script yet and would probably be looking to find someone who could achieve this with either the blender GE or the torque engine.
An example of usage would be if someone clicked on an object in the environment and that brought up a HUD with info about it from say wikipedia sort of like a virtual encyclopedia.
If anybody thinks they can do that I’d be keen to discuss it further.

hi apachesenzala
see here:
there is an example of Internet connectivity in BlenderPlayer 2.25. Not just exactly solution for your needs, but maybe modifiable in this direction.

It could be done. Just use a socket to connect to wikipedia and parse the source for the text, split it into lines and display it on text planes

It’s not that hard

Okay so it is possible and apparently easy however I’m am not a scripter but thanks for the link although the sites in German and I have a harder time with that and trying to read computer code. Is there perhaps perchance might we say a script that could be modified and has english documentation? I am still getting used to modelling in blender but I’m looking for a proof of concept to interface with a wiki or perhaps an rss feed if thats simpler I’m need someone who can possibly help me to do this if anyones interested.

unfortunately, I can no-one English.
I have had the tutorial of an Admin translated in my forum.
I probably won’t answer in the forum here because I wouldn’t like to disgrace myself.
Here the link to the English tutorial

I can try to help you if you like… what exactly would you like to do?


This can help you perhaps. It’s the blender website in 3D. There is the blend file to download.

Best Regards