Script for removing unused vertex groups.


I am using the bone weight copy script to transfer my weightpainting from my human body mesh to a shirt he is wearing.
When I do that I get all the vertex groups the body uses applied to the shirt not just the ones located on the upper body.
They don’t mess things up because they haven’t got any actual weight assigned to them but I like to keep things clean.

Is there a script I can use to remove any vertex groups that are not assigned to any vertex?
I have allot of different vertex groups on the body I am copying from and a script would save me allot of time.

Thankful for a answer.

just select one vertex then L-key to get all link vertices

then select inverse and remove or delete the unneeded vertices


I found a script that was there all along.
The Clean Mesh script had a remove unused vertex groups function.
Can’t believe I did’t see that before.:eyebrowlift2:

did yo try the L-key way

wher did you find this script ?


“Mesh->Scripts->Clean Meshes” in Edit Mode :wink:

Heyy hi guys, I was looking that Clean Meshes script and didnt find it. I tried RickyBlender method, but the unused verts arent selected when I select 1, L, and Ctrl+I for inverse selection, I get this

I’m using Blender 2.6, could u tell me how i get that path?: Mesh->Scripts->Clean Meshes" in Edit Mode
I cant find Clean Mesh script as well, in Blender script catalog isnt too


can you upload sample file with object so we can look at it

i saw a problem like that last week and it was a bug !


Hi, I dont know how to upload files
This is what I get when I make the selection with L and then with Ctrl+I

I need that script to remove unused vertices :confused:

Hi I tried posted 2 times and dont know why they arent published, there is the blend file



robot4.blend (483 KB)

@bruno75: User preferences, Testing, Mesh, Select Vertex Groups most likely. Wiki

Hey, thxx for help hehe, nice painting, yep I made manually the removing verts hehe. Nice dark style of robot jajajaja
Ill learn how to make or paint steel material
About the
User preferences, Testing, Mesh, Select Vertex Groups most likely, eppo
I couldnt select the verts dont belong to a group :confused: