Script for Skining in Meshes

The basic idea is to use distinct pathes of several edges for a smooth skinning - like skining with curves already do.

This script should make the use of splines more easy:

  • you can use it in meshes
  • the pathes can have different number of segments

Beside the common Bezier-Spline skining there is a Cubic-Spline skining which goes throught the weight points.

Thread to the Script

Thanks …this will be useful…

A new release is out

like before, you can use edges for different kinds of surfaces,
it works pretty much like surface-objects (except it is not real-time)

but you have the advantage of using different amounts of edges for the guiding lines and have another option how the verts in the surfaces are distributed.
the options are subdiv and segment - subdiv gives every edge in the guiding lines the same amount of verts, segment distributes a certain amount of verts over the whole guiding line, and tries to make the distances as even as possible.


structures can be refined with the retopo-option.

retopo take verts on the selected line, which bend over a certain angle, as poles for the spline-interpolation.
an angle of 1 means, that all verts will be poles, which are not on a almost straight line.

Link to the script: