Script idea: Integrate ffmpeg for muxing, encoding, etc.

What would it take to get ffmpeg integrated (or at least talking to) Blender?

I use ffmpeg as an example, since it’s a cross-platform encoding tool.

The reason I ask is that there seems to be a desire out there to get video rendered in Blender and audio sequenced in Blender to be combined in a final output. There also seems to be a need, especially on Linux, to get more encoding options available.

Are there hooks in the Blender Python API to retrieve values like the name of the rendered animation file and sound file? Are there hooks into the rendering controls? Ideally, building ffmpeg integration into Blender would come from changes in the source, but could it be done, even in a limited way, via Python scripting?

If anybody has any ideas, this is definitely a project I’d work on/spearhead/do whatever to make happen.

I really would like to see this too. However I’m wondering if the ffmpeg library can’t be an independent Python library, which than gets integrated. (As it would be nice anyway to have a python library like that.) The pymedia library ( ) could maybe also be a starting point.