script in animation

Hi all,

Is it possible to put script on an object, that can be execute enter each frame?
(I didn’t know if I should post here or in animation forum… :-? )

for example:
or something more useful…

PS: sorry for my poor english…

Yes. go into the scriptlinks tab (between the shading and logic tabs) and assign a script to an object.

yes! thanks!

have a link with tut or explain?
else I will search the web :slight_smile:

Search on my site ( for my script BMG. The doc wich comes with it has some explanation on this



1-I’ve tried your script, and it works fine! :slight_smile: nice work!

2-I’ve started to add simple script to object, like to do a location constrain by a ‘setLocation’ method… that’s cool and pretty easy!

joy and happiness!! :smiley: