Script Installation 2.57b


I have downloaded the following script:

I have read the following pages:

I cannot find instructions that enumerate the actual steps to installing and running a Python script for Blender 2.57b on Linux.

Where can I find documentation that indicates where to install and load the given Python source?

I have installed Blender into:


The following directories exist:


Thank you!

For blender 2.57

Much appreciated.

In a Blender Python console you could use:


or do it as a script in a Blender text editor:

import bpy

and press ‘Alt+P’ to run the script.

I don’t use an installed version, I just download the latest build from, so addons go in ‘2.57b/scripts/addons/’ relative to the executable.

You can also point to any folder where you want to keep your external scripts from the User Preferences / Files panel.
See herefor an example. You can then have multiple versions of blender that can all see your addon scripts.