Script: KlopUtils new release and DOC!

Hi all. Finally, after 5 or 6 running versions of KlopUtils (alingnment tool and so) there’s a complete pdf doc commenting features and how to use each.
All inestable functions have been revised, and now it use the new mathutils python module.
I copy what it can do (new in yellow):

What is KlopUtils

It is a program written in Python language for being used as a script while you are using Blender. It contains tools about modeling, modifing and positioning 3D objects that the official Blender version have not.
These tools are initially oriented as a help for the general design of objects en 2D and 3D (architecture, industrial…), and this is the issue the program will be developed around.
The utilities in the program are separated in 4 areas, accesible trough a unfolding menu, always placed at the top of the interface:

Fitting an object between two others
Setting to an object the absolute size of other one
Aligning selected objects, according to several criteria:
Alignment of location/rotation/scale
Scale can be changed either aditive or multiplicatively
Location separation can be referenced aither by centers, baricenters, origins or limits

Object creation (not included in Blender distribution)
Circunference passing through 3 points
Arc passing through 3 points
Arc based on angles and radius (interactive)
Mesh modifing (affects vertices, faces and edges)
Edges subdivision in any number of parts
Proyection onto an arbitrary plane, in an arbitrary direction
Applying of position, rotation, scale values (new matrix) over an object, though it looks unaffected
Posibility of actualizing other matrix instances is available

3D Objects modifing(affecs to transform matrices)
Moves/Rotates/Scales randomly the selected objects
Moves selected objects closer/away the active one,
setting them at a fix distance
moving them a fix number
setting them at a proporcional distance

Indeed, all numeric/vectorial values used during the program use, can be copied and pasted with the help of a buffer, which can contain:
A position vector
A Euler list
A scale vector
and can store:
Numbers, entered by user
Values aquired from objects (matrices mean, distance, difference of position or rotation angles between two objects)
and being showed on Blender console as text.

Finally, the script is ready to copy in the scripts directory, being accesible through the script menu window and, again, there’s a multilingual support (English, Spanish, Catalan and your collaboration :slight_smile: )

Download script from: KlopUtils 3.233 (English) Docs in English KlopUtils 3.233 (Español) Docs en español

Very nice work Klopes.

Nice to see this script updated :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to do any more work on your rotlopes script?

(Yes, we are a demanding bunch, I know :wink: )

Thanks Klópes! Great utilities! Any plans of integrating these functions in Blender?

Thank you especially for the Doc! Excellent.


Yes, I knew it needed such doc, but It was… laziness
Well, Jarrelll: I have Rotlopes a little abandoned, maybe I decide to update, or fix some ugly details I don’t like…
Have u got any idea to improve it? Some feature?

Hi klopes

I had trouble getting your latest version to work at all, so I haven’t played with it much since.

I was sort of waiting for you to post a new version :wink:

I would like to see a feature that would allow one to animate a vehicle getting stuck in a mud hole.

For example: wheel rolls with ground movement from frames 1 to 100,

gets stuck in a mud hole from frame 100 - 200 (stationary, but rotating/spinning fast)

then from frame 200 on, rotates same as the first 100 frames.

Also, maybe rotation varies depending on angle of surface.

Is that possible?

I hate to dig up an old thread, but I imagine this is a better place for questions regarding this script that a new thread would be…

I get the following error in the console when trying to run the script:

traceback <most recent call last>:
File “<string>”, line 66, in ?
Attribute Error: bad request identifier.

Using bf-Blender 2.33a official build with python2.3.3(which i understand should matter since python is not needed for this script, so says the doc) on WinXP.

<edit: I just noticed that this error only occurs when attempting to run the script from the scripts window. The text editor will run the script perfectly…:edit>

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Get the last bf-version. I guess the Get(‘datadir’) identifier was recently included.

Have you?

You mean the latest officail build?

I have 2.33a which i downloaded from

I suppose i can just use one of the newer test builds from the forums over at

hi klopes,

Some feedback on your newest kloputils, hope you don’t mind.

  1. No undo. I noticed this right away. 8)
  2. Spin sliders. These work, and like Blender’s built-in transformations, the Shift key slows down the increase/decrease. However, I notice that the last-displayed digit, the ‘hundredths’, does not spin. To quickly specify accurate alignment, I think the .01 bu should spin?
  3. I’m also having trouble with a basic alignment test. Say I have two cubes, viewed on x-y, all x positive. The one that is selected first will move. If I select the cube with greater x first, object align, 0.0 separate, it is not a problem, it jumps to align closest edges with the smaller x cube. But if I select the smaller x cube first, same settings, the closest edges do not align, instead the smaller x cube jumps to the far side of the greater x cube. Setting ‘maximum’ or ‘minimum’ mode does not get the closest edges together either. How should this be done?


Ok Klopes I really dislike talking like the average arrogant American but I just have to say this. I downloaded your script and the “English” documentation pdf. I am got so confused reading it that I just gave up.

The script looks like it would be very useful but the documentation was BARELY understandable. It looks like it was run thru a google or a babelfish translation website and just cut and pasted into a pdf. I really dislike saying this becasue it seems as though I am saying everyone in the world should speak English. But its really frustrating sometimes trying to deduce how a complicated program works and it just gets more frustrating when you cannot understand the docs. That is if there are even docs included.

If I may make a suggestion. Give you docs, in your native language to someone who speaks both languages let him or her read it over and do a translation. The computerized translation engine are minimal at best.

Let me say again, thank you for your effort on this script. I just wish I could understand how to use it but I got a headache trying to understand what the docs were saying. For instance in the “English” pdf all the syntax and usage is backward and not only that the screen shots that are supposed to go in the text are screen shots from the spanish or portugese verions of the script. So they do not match what is “badly” being said about them in the text.

I cant seem to download the pdf documentation, is the site down perhaps.

Havent tryed KlopsUtils yet I was only browseing the scrypts menu when i seen it and decided to look up more information.

Update: I finaly got it to load, and saved it for safe keeping.