Script: Landscape mesh generator for blender 2.5x

i have made a ‘landscape primitive’ generator script for blender 2.5x

The Graphicall and ******** . org website’s have some security problems lately,
so i removed the download link for this script.

The A.N.T.Landscape script is in addons, to use it you have to enable the script in Preferences>Addons
from now on i will update the script in svn so you always have the script included with blender :slight_smile:

Mesh update: Turn this on for interactive mesh update.
Sphere: Generate sphere or a grid mesh. (Turn height falloff off for sphere mesh)
Smooth: Generate a smooth mesh
Subdivision: Number of mesh subdivisions, higher numbers gives more detail but also slows down the script.
Mesh size: X,Y size of the grid mesh (in blender units).

NOISE OPTIONS: ( Most of these options are the same as in blender textures. )
Random seed: Use this to randomise the origin of the noise function.
Noise size: Size of the noise.
Noise type: Available noise types: multiFractal, ridgedMFractal, hybridMFractal, heteroTerrain, Turbulence, Distorted Noise, Cellnoise, Shattered_hTerrain, Marble
Noise basis: Blender, Perlin, NewPerlin, Voronoi_F1, Voronoi_F2, Voronoi_F3, Voronoi_F4, Voronoi_F2-F1, Voronoi Crackle, Cellnoise
VLNoise basis: Blender, Perlin, NewPerlin, Voronoi_F1, Voronoi_F2, Voronoi_F3, Voronoi_F4, Voronoi_F2-F1, Voronoi Crackle, Cellnoise
Distortion: Distortion amount.
Hard: Hard/Soft turbulence noise.
Depth: Noise depth, number of frequencies in the fBm.
Dimension: Musgrave: Fractal dimension of the roughest areas.
Lacunarity: Musgrave: Gap between successive frequencies.
Offset: Musgrave: Raises the terrain from sea level.
Gain: Musgrave: Scale factor.
Marble Bias: Sin, Tri, Saw
Marble Sharpnes: Soft, Sharp, Sharper
Marble Shape: Shape of the marble function: Default, Ring, Swirl, X, Y

Invert: Invert terrain height.
Height: Scale terrain height.
Offset: Terrain height offset.
Falloff: Terrain height falloff: Type 1=Default, Type 2=Sharp, X, Y
Sealevel: Flattens terrain below sealevel.
Platlevel: Flattens terrain above plateau level.
Terrace: Terrace amount, number of terrace layers.
Terrace type: Terrace types, type 1=smooth, type 2=sharp-minus, Type 3=sharp-plus

Have fun with it!

looks interresting! thx :slight_smile:
does it create landscapes with random shapes or same shape for all ?

cool !
is it possible to define a black and white map for the elevations ?

Cool ! Thanx !
Is this the Blender Add-on week?!

Very nice script. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Did you base this on anything? I ask, as that mountain looks really familiar.

nothing shows up for me, I followed your instructions step by step. I tried it in the 2.53 release and several older 2.5 releases and I got no luck

it is great to see ANT making it’s way to 2.5!

A few things:

  1. I would like to subdivide past 1024. The new blender can handle it fine and with a mesh that has a large Mesh Size it is hard to get the detail in.

  2. It would be nice to set smooth from the script so you can see a final mesh while tweeking

Great job!

It would be nice to also have the option back to turn auto create based on parameter changes on and off.

It would be nice to tweek several things at once then generate

Thanks to all for the positive feedback!

Updated the script in first post.
New functions are:

  • Realtime update option.
  • Sphere mesh.
  • Smooth mesh.
  • Updated Terrace function.
  • Higher resolution mesh.
    And some minor tweaks on the code.

@ jackred: yes the script can creates random terrains.
@ hdd: no, no image input, just noise functions.
@ Dorro: this script is based on my old A.N.T.Landscape script for 2.49
@ ccherrett: i have updated the script, get it in the first post,
btw, have you ever created a 1024*1024 (or higher) grid mesh in blender?Add>Mesh>Grid it is realy slow on my pc, this should work alot faster i think…

Great script, congratulations.

yes 1024x1024 is very slow but what I do is create a low res and high res landscape and bake the normals of the high to a texture and apply to the low. So it is tough to get the hires one to do anything but as soon as the bake is done you can just forget it.

I wish it was faster however in 2.5 things have become a lot more usable

This is a 4 million vert lanscape created by add mountain. It runs great in sculpt.

A few suggestions:

  1. Create a low res version of the hi res you are creating on a seperate layer with all the same settings except resolution. The resolution could be set with a seperate slider.

By doing so you automatically have your mesh created with all the same settings as your hi res for baking textures to.

  1. the ability to save your settings so you can quickly duplicate similar lanscapes. I find I will often spend an hour getting things the way I like.


this is a great script, thanks

I still havent been able to install this script. I used the official blender build and followed the instructions and it wont work for me.

I went to to get the script, but don’t see any way to do that. How do you “get” the script?


Paste it into notepad or Kedit or whatever program you got and save it as python.

Or just paste it into the text editor in blender.

I get this warning when I try the above links:

Reported Attack Page!

This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

The link ( gets blokked by my browser (this message head:)

Reported attack page!

anyone getst this message too, and is it really ‘dangerous’ getting the blend?