script library for game blender?

we need one! well… i need one! but seriously, i am not aware of such a thing as a script repository for game blender. would sure be nice.

i agree. It would be nice have python scripts repositoried somewhere. Then you could collect and get those scripts from there and you would not forget them. also others scripts could be helpful.

I totally agree on this one. If i remember correctly , someone was working on one, but i cant remember who it is.

I called for a knowledge database some time ago, but it never materialized.

We should also have starting .blends for as many 3D game genres as possible (to ease the starting work up on people who aren’t good at programming).

-Marble madness/Monkey ball
-Mini golf
-3D scrolling shooter

This is a good idea. If anyone has any useful scripts, PM them to me and I will start a script library on my website. Also include what version of Blender they were created with/are compatible with.

between goldentaiji and norJ they probably have everything conceivable.

:rolleyes:Hehe, I did have my own script templates awhile back for different things. Unfortunately my move to Virginia for some odd reason (might be the power spikes there), totally wiped out my secondary harddrive. And that was where all the script templates were. :DIt’s more fun to code your own things.

I think it was JD-Multi that was going to set up all this stuff on BlendedReality.

Actually there are script templates avaliable, just have to know where to find them.

-FPS (Bullet Contest, Spike’s entry uses z3r0_d’s FPS look system)
-RPG (Someone did release a whole .blend with a click and move system too I believe. Couldn’t look it up because I forgot who).
-Breakout (Social’s Freezeline game, I think he had .blend for it.
-Maze (personally haven’t tried the tutorial, but many starters bring up the maze tutorial)
-3D Shooting scroller (not really shooting, but remember pryjon’s PUPs sidescroller?
-Pinball (bullet contest, Peter’s pinball game)
-Racing(Club Silo)
-Marble Madness (The_Ball, made by me, well it was sorta like a marble madness type, but more puzzle like. Since it was wiped out on my 2nd hd, I had it up on a server, just have to retrieve it next time).

…there’s a bunch of others out there. Hehe, there’s a wealth of knowledge in the .blend you just have to see which parts of it are helpful.

Jason Lin

I think a script library is a good idea. A lot of times they can be modified, or just learned from even if they aren’t used as they are written. Plus it might be a good place to look for ideas on writing your own script. No one mentioned adventure game scripts, sigh, the forgotten genre.

if you want some more racing example, take my entry from PSP contest, I have made a simple and useful leveldesign for levels, it’s called bstunts, in the PSP contest repository, It’s for everybody to use, maybe I’ll find some time to make the game better, but not now. It has full functionality, but needs some tuning.

Note i’m meaning have starter .blends for different genres for bullet, not sumo. Sumo will be out I think in the next release, if possible you can work around the bugs but if not then wait till Erwin fixes them.

A script liberary sounds cool. A long time ago I had the idea to set up a website for gameblender with blender sources, scripts, models and much more. I had over 400mb of blender files that showed how to archive certain things, like making a racing game, racing ai, fps shooter, 3th person adventure setup, rpg like inventories, ingame recording and playback afther a racing match and much much more.
The reason why I got those files was that I started to backup all the blender files that were download able on Elysiun (in that time) and later make them available for everyone instead of finding each time dead links on this forum.

The reason why I didn’t release it, althought I really wanted it, was because the files were for blender 2.25 until blender 2.34, afther that they they were messed up. So the only way I could them to work again would be redoing them, and redoing over 200 files is insane, even when there are some that had pretty complex logic or script setups.

A few weeks ago my HD got infected by a python virus, (long story how that happened) and copied itself into another script files. It’s easy to remove it but the problem is, if you forget one and run one of them, you can start from the beginning again, so I’m not sure if I will release those sources because I don’t want to put someone in problems.

A good idea would be starting from the beginning again. I can zip all those sources and include a text document that it’s not save to run them, and give instruction to remove the virus. So you people can install blender 2.25 again and see how they work and redo them with the current blender game engine. Another thing is that the Ogre plugin is comming and in my oppinion it would be good to wait for that before making a serious gamekit again.:slight_smile:
This is also why I’m quite inactive in this part of the forum, I’m just waiting for those cool improvements and maybe I’ll start again making cool game examples.
The biggest problem there is now is performance, and I really hope that Ogre (new renderer) will improve this, also Erwin told me once that he’ll look at that problem, because before blender 2.25 when the engine got into blender, performance wasn’t something they aimed for, and finally it’s something we all love to see improved as well the graphics en physics. :smiley:

i have created a library for scripts in an archive ! …

for python tuts

:::: GO HERE ::::

for my python files library

:: GO HERE ::