Script linking problems with CVS build

Im trying to run an old script that works on 2.37, by linking the script to an empty
to constrain it to a limited area:


But the CVS build i compiled tonight doesn’t seem to accept the script?
The empty can be moved freely.

Anyone any ideas.


maybe it has something to do with this:

you’d better tell them if it does.

Edit: Err… rather forget it. I just tested it with the 05/09/25 CVS and it did’t work either. Or at least not properly: Move the Empty outside of the Plane and drop it. Then grap it with g-key, and it appears inside the plane again.

It seems that the script isn’t called during grabbing.

hi wah_tak, im not using constraints im just limiting the movement of a child object with python. I saw this yesterday at .org:

set object->recalc flag when we change object’s loc, rot, etc.
fix for problems with frame change scene scriptlinks.

But its maybe still buggin on redraw? Anyone come across this on a redraw script link?


many other things which worked flawlesly in 233 - 237 don’t work in cvs. f.e. set location etc for objects … (i mispelled it here but it aint misspelled in script).

i’m particularly pissed on new mathutils, it was easy to do vector /= int before, now its much more yuck.

If stuff got broken you should probably email the bf-python list or file a bug report, developers can’t fix things that they don’t know are broken.


The script does run during grabbing as you can see by inserting a print command. Things are simply not happening in the order you are hoping for.

Run thru the animation system via CTL-A it executes as expected.

This strikes me as a perversion of the Redraw scriptlink. I have not played with it much, but a better solution is probably a SpaceHandler scriptlink.

As for things not working in CVS, remember that CVS is the Latin abbreviation for It Don’t Work Yet (/joke). Until it is released, CVS code is a work in progress. Anyone using it is either brave or foolish.

Major overhauls are taking place in mathutils, bones & armatures and the animation system.

Object set location should be working at this point - except as noted here.

Thanks guys for your replies :slight_smile:

Hi stiv. Yep i’ve tryed the spacehandlar, same same. The frame change as the quote above says works fine, so it does seem to be the redraw for script linking thats broken.

Im totally aware of what a CVS build entails, but my question was if anyone had encounted the same problem. Then I could go from there :wink:
Anyway I’ll add a post at the bugtracker.


if somebody adds to bugtracker (i don’t have an account):

I ALSO noticed that in cvs version (from the point when modifiers AND additional options in meshtools panel - i.e. path/innervert/fan were added) many scripts that operate DIRECTLY on mesh produce WEIRD results:

i.e. instead of producing all quads where that’s supposed ONE face gets f***ed up - it’s a triangle and triangular hole. Test with f.e. point bevel script from distro, you’ll know what I mean - or this means my box needs further examination (236,237, instinctive, even tuhopuu work as expected).

i can script a little but I ain’t by no means a coder, therefore: can mathutils be fixed so vector /= int can be possible again? afaik vector/int can be comprehended but /= can’t and it’s a pain to rewrite some cute workflow helpers I have.

well I suppose similar emotions surfaced when mm upped as1 to as2.