Script/Plugin Installers 2.4x

Hi this is a copy of a letter to bf commiters mail.

Re: Blender 2.49b.
Rather than including external scripts 2.4x in Blender as I have requested.
I would like to create an installer for each platform.
This would contain/install all the External Scripts & Plugins that are
tested for 2.4x.
I think this would be a good addition to the download page, for
each platform.
(not hidden away somewhere, but under the individual download.)
The scripts & plugins extend Blender in a large way & an installer would be
very popular.
I look forward to your thoughts on this matter.

On a side note:
Why not call Blender 2.49b > Blender 2.49 Final.
Then be done with it.

Thanks, some responses would be appreciated.