script problems!

Hey all i am trying to make a rough 3d version of demolition city and have a bit of a problem!

The physics explosion is still in early days (eg, completely beyond me) so i am just using copy + paste to teach myself more about blender for now. So i looked into the explosion example here but when i save the from that website into the same directory as my blend file, and bind the space bar to the “script” controller, it refuses to let me put the name in the box, it just erases it… why is this?

Blender performs a validation over the script name. Whyever the validator does not look at the file system.
Load the file into the text window and it should work.

I’ve copy/pasted the text in, but the only thing i can do as regards naming it is to save it to disc?

Ok i think i have got it in, but still nothing happens, im guessing the author put some “doesn’t work if copied” function on the text or something, heres the attached file:

Use UP/DN/LF/RT and home and end to move block in or out.

Spacebar should explode it, but absoluely nothing happens!

Also the wall is bugged, applied the wrong kind of physics options when it was just one block and i dont fancy going thru them all individually to change them to solid body physics!

If anyone knows whats wrong, or how to remove the "doesn’t work if copied"ness of the script please let me know!