Script proposal "KidNet"

I am a graphic design animation student at Amarillo College in Texas.
This summer (and fall semester) 6 to 12 of us are making a 3d animation, to present at Sigraph next year.
I hope to be able to convince the teacher and my classmates to use Blender for this production. (Otherwise we will use Lightwave.)

Anyway, please read the script on this blog, and add your comments.

Whats this got to do with in the WIP forum, this is Off-Topic. Please post in the right forum if you want to be taken seriously.

WIP = Blender Artwork Work In Progesses Forum

Surely the first stage of an animation should be the script. They intend to use blender therefore this is a Blender WIP.

This script is killer. If you choose blender I am sure anyone here would be happy to help you with the details and how to achieve the effect you desire in blender.

Good Luck,

It’s certainly no more offtopic than concept art would be.

I really like the beginning! It’s funny. However I have absolutely no idea what’s going on past the point where they go outside to get the mail.

Funny I like it.

Thanks for the comments!

Some history:
This idea actually spawned from a Weekend Challenge I started a while back:“The Ultimate Video Game System.”
I ended up just writing a couple pages describing the package of a “MindoNet”. (a small screw like device. that is simply a brain to wireless network interface. Users can subcribe to services… like KidNet to play games, then when they get older BusinessNet, VacationNet…)
I ended up using for a package design that turned out to be a AOL-like mass mailer, a small box with the device, the installation tool, and Alcohol pad. “1000 hours free!..”

My teacher liked the idea, and wanted me to write a script for the summer project.
So that’s what I came up with.

Here’s the outline if it helps to understand it:

Moving from Frontroom (light) to TV room (dark) contrast.

  •   Kids watching television.
  •   Commercial comes on:
  • Announcer tells about KidNet.
  • Endorsement girl
  • Endorsement boy
  • Demonstation on how to install:
    – Screw in device
    – Wait two minutes
    – Look at a credit card
  • Announcemnt that the product is in the incoming mail. (Kids run to check mail)
  •    Fast talking warnings on tv.

Fontroom at desk:

  •    Kids scravange through junk mail pile.
  •    Boy starts to install device.
  •    Boy and girl see cat, move off screen.  Meowing is heard.
  •    Cat has device installed.
  •    Cat is picked up and taken to the computer.

TV room, at computer:

  •    Striped USB cable is plugged into device.
  •    Girl does frantic typing, 
  •    The cat’s vision and thoughts are displaed onto screen.
  •    Girl programs cat:

– Owner = Sue
– At 8:00 get newspaper, return to owner

  •   Kids look at clock as it turns 8:00.
  •   Cat gets newspaper.
  •   Parents walk in asking what’s going on
  •   Sue claps, parents walk to Sue, revealing that they have the device in their heads.
  •   Sue says lets go out to eat.
  •   Everyone walks off.

(I hope this is more clear mrmunkily. basicly instead of using the product for it’s intended perpose, the kids hack into it using it to their advantage.)

There were concerns of it being “too dark.” (How can you have a story with a brain interface device and not have negative implementations?) So we got together and completely rewrote the script.
Basically, instead of the kids using the device to take control of their parents, The parents use a much less invasive device (a headband) to trick their kids into doing chores. Where they believe they’re just playing a game, but are actually cleaning.

The first class was today. I was assigned as the assistant art director.

I am trying to get our group to use Blender for this project. It’s a G5 Mac lab. Lightwave on Mac is not stable, and has not been patched for about a year. So, we’re waiting for 8 to be released. When it is it’ll cost the school thousands of bucks.

I use Blender for most of my projects. I think it is plain to my instructor that Blender was made better. I offer to teach everyone. We’ll see what happens…