[Script] - Randomize edges create.

Hi !.
My new script, create edges between vertices randomly.




With one cube:


DOWNLOAD: http://www.blenderheads.org/forums/es/download/file.php?mode=view&id=1359

wow looks nice for metaphysics stuff :smiley:

Great, just the type of thing I like. :slight_smile:

Hmm… it does not really work on a text object.

I create a text object and converted it to a mesh. I ran the script and it created a bunch of lines, but no faces. So there was nothing to render after the script was finished.

Atom, the faces are generated from an extrude. Anyway the script is not good for filling text, unless you make a boolean afterwards.

Meta-Androcto , MmAxXx , thanks !

Maybe I just don’t get it…

I tried it out on the cube and it did the same thing.

How do I actually use this, what are the steps to make it work?


Yes, work it well!!..

take a look…

Can a script add modifiers to realize the end product?