Script Request - Importing .ebo files. [Information about structure inside]

EA Sports has been using .ebo files for their models for a few years now. Yet, they can’t be opened in any modeling program yet. Actually, some of them can be opened, but not UV mapped and what not.

There’s a file called ebostructure.txt inside a certain packaged folder in EA Sports NHL09, and I think it may help if someone is interested in trying to crack them up.

Oleg - Zmodeler author - took a look at them a few years back and the progress can be checked in here. The thread may contain some vital information.

Without further ado, I want to ask if anyone is interested in taking a stab at it?

Files can be found HERE (Player model) and HERE (.txt file found in the NHL09 files which explains the .ebo structure)

Thank you. :slight_smile: