Script request - Surface quality analysis_ translation from Maya to Blender

(tonypezz) #1

Hello guys,

There are in blender some missing tools very useful for car modeling.

A clever guy I know was able to script the few tools himself and integrate them it in Autodesk Maya.

He also posted the code on his blog (thanks!) it should just be translated to Blender for its integration, unfortunately I do not know how and I am asking your help.

The “Curvature comb” is a common tool for surface quality check, here a video to the tool in action:

Here the tool-code and description:

The “Iso angle shader”
Essential for surface quality check, here a link to the description and tool download:

The “curvature shader”

Very helpful to detect the homogenous density of surface curvature along objects,

here link to description and code:

Maya reputation in car industry (and not only) is relative higher than blender just because can do this few things and is able to export as Nurbs.

I am pretty sure it should not be a big deal for a developer to translate them in Blender.
hope any of you might take your precious time to help this out.

Thank you!

(tonypezz) #2

can please sombody help me with this topic or at least address me somewhere I can find help?

(LeighAH) #3

It’s a non-trivial task and you’d need to find a developer who is familiar with Blender, Maya, C++, Python, and has an interest in these particular tools. That is likely going to be a very small pool of people.

I’d suggest asking the friend who wrote the Maya add-on to consider porting it to Blender since they are already familiar with the algorithms and code involved.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

If you’re willing to pay for it I can move this topic to #jobs:paid-work