Script Request

Can anyone do an import/export script for the game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind? The meshes are in .nif format. I would do this myself, but i don’t know python. This would be really useful, and could put blender on the map for poor morrowind modders who can’t afford 3dsmax, the only program (right now) that exports to .nif.


good luck. :slight_smile: I’ve never heard of it.

Until some nice person makes you a Elder Scrolls exporter, there may be another solution:
You’ll have to research what file type you need, (".3ds" or whatever) and pick an apropriate converter.
You’ll have to export your file from Blender to a format that the converter can read. I’m guessing it will need to export UVs. You may have to try several different converters till you get it right.