Script request.

Please can someone tell me where to find the following?
1- .x file importer.
i found one at but it seems to mess up the files.

2- .mqo exporter
I found one on this forum but it aint workin.
1 at the japnese blender site. but it does not keep the placement of multiple meshes putting them all the centre.

Please help thanks.

With the MQO exporter, I could not find it on the web but.
After the line
mesh = object.getData()
mesh = NMesh.GetRawFromObject(


This will apply the worldspace matrix and fix your problem

-There’s alot of time I havent worked on it, anyway I can
try to addapt it to your files(only for the meshes)


Thanks Ben . I am trying to import models from a game called Silver Knights.

And cambo thanks but it does not seem to work.

I dont know how i missed it but this script made by ‘Sutabi’ totally rocks. It seems to work with the placements. Now i am just trying to find a .x importer. Thanks every one.