Script that makes walls from a blueprint.

I would like to know if a script like this exists or if someone would be kind enough to make it (message me if you would like to make this script) or point me in the right direction if it. I am making a project that I would need many houses, so I am looking for a script that will use blueprints to model walls on. For example I import a blueprint and have it as a background image, I can click on the script and it follows black lines that are on the blue print and puts walls on them that I can adjust how high or low they are. I hope I didn’t cloud the image I am trying to communicate, anyways any help would be great thanks.

Hi Amitheattack,

Easy but no script: import you picture in Inkscape and use the function: main menu > Chemin > “Vectoriser le Bitmap” Maj+ Alt + B
and save the file in Autocad DXF R14.

Import this file in Blender in one mesh and then in edit mode and edge type, select all and Extrud all.
That’s all!
Good Luck.