Script to check for non convexities

first off I hope I post in the right section of the forum.

I am currently starting modding (and modelling in general) for a game called Arma3.
All meshes you create for Arma must be convex and closed.
Arma3’s modding tools do include a own modeller (it’s awful) which can check for non-convexities.
But it always takes very long to export from blender, convert to the right fbx version, import, check, fix.
So I thought I ask if anyone knows such a script or would be so kind to create one.

Thanks in advance,

I believe sergof worked on convex decomposition for rigid body simulation, but it got a bit quiet around that project

Hmm… what a pity.

Anyway, maybe you could help me understand convexities better, then I don’t need to check.
I had following verts which were marked as non convex in Arma’s modeller tool:
For me they looked pretty convex, but I thought I might have forgotten what convex is and googled, nope, I did remember correctly:
So why is it not convex?
I also tried merging the left and right vert into the vert at the front (so only 1 edge remains), still not convex…