Script to create multiple renders at different dimensions


Is there a script which would allow me to get Blender to output a whole series of renders, each at a different resolution? (I’ve tried searching but haven’t found one.)

In other words, save me having to change the X: and Y: values for the resolution each time - I could just input all the different resolutions I need into a script and Blender would automatically run them all off.

Many thanks for your help


You don’t need a script…
If you have a finished scene… you can create a new scene in the blendFile with linked objects.
The render dimension is a scene property! :D:D


Muito obrigada Eugenio

Apologies if I am not understanding your answer correctly. What I need is a quick way to make, say, 25 different renders of a single scene, and each of those renders needs to be a different size (eg one is 512x512, one is 1024x1024 etc).

I can change the dimensions manually but I wonder if there’s a quicker way.

Again, apologies if you have answered my question - I am not exactly sure what you mean by creating a new scene with linked objects.

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PS Wow I love your art - just had a look at your site. Stunning.