Script to create .txt files from a serie of wikipedia pages, and create text objects with their name

Dear Pythoners,

In order to integrate a large number of definitions to this open source 3D atlas of anatomy:, I would like to automate the creation of .txt files containing the content of the wikipedia’s pages referring to them.

Here are 5 .pdf ((+ 1 with corrections .pdf or corrections))
FIPAT-TA2-Errata.pdf (466.8 KB)
FIPAT-TA2-Part-1.pdf (438.1 KB)
FIPAT-TA2-Part-2.pdf (2.5 MB)
FIPAT-TA2-Part-3.pdf (1.5 MB)
FIPAT-TA2-Part-4.pdf (256 Bytes)
FIPAT-TA2-Part-5.pdf (1.8 MB)
with the list of structures of the human anatomy.

And here is a site that gives the link of the wikipedia’s page of a good part of these structures:

I offer:

-20 euros to create one .txt file/structure named as the structure and containing the content of the page in its body, following the example format (3 empty lines, FILE NAME, 2 empty lines, specific body).

and if the first part is done:

-30 euros to, from a any mesh in edit mode, with one vertex selected and any text-file selected (see example), have a convenient way (shortcut, if possible) to create a text-object named as the .txt file, followed by ‘-label’, containing a text in uppercase letters with the same file name (without .txt), and with a line parented to this text-object, named with the same file name+’-line’.

Here is the model of a standard label:

(the line has the wireframe viewport display option checked, its lower extremity is hoocked to the object -at the position of the selected vertex- and is parented to the label that has two fonts and a material and that is parented itself to the object)

double price if before 20/09/2021
triple price if before 18/09/2021

This page seems to give a part of the solution:

Please answer here if you are interested so that I can confirm.

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