script to generate normal maps?


I have been dorking around with ati’s normalmapper at and it appears to generate normal maps that I can use with Blender in some form.

Has anybody written a script to generate normal maps automagically, using this or some other tool (ORB, nVidia’s melody?). For example, the typical normal map generation process:

  1. make a low-res and hi-res mesh. Make sure the low-res mesh has texture uv coordinates. The hi-res mesh contains detail geometry.

  2. run generator scripts with some appropriate options

  3. either import the new normal map or make the user re-load the texture

Also, can I do all these steps? I dunno if you can make blender load textures using the python API…


but it is useless unless you can make a detailed maesh and a low poly mesh have the same uv cords. Or get really close

I’m not sure if you’re referring to some specific thing in that linked thread, but for the usual renderbump process, you don’t have to have uv coords on the highpoly mesh.

Edit: oops, sorry, now I gotcha. You suggest to uvmap the highpoly mesh and use that script to generate a normalmap from that one, and put it onto the lowpoly mesh (which works if they have the same uv coords, as you said).