Script to open an image in a plane with its dimensions and shadeless

Using blender to do some motion graphics or to do stuff like in after fx takes a bit more effort.

One of the problems is that we loose to much time

-creating a new plane
-creating a new material for this plane
-adding a texture to this material
-making this texture an image texture
-loading the image or video we want
-if it has alpha changing the values so it works
-and making it shadeless

It would be cool if there was a script were you could just load maybe from the script UI the image and it would automaticlly get assigned to a plane with the right dimensions , shadeless and if it has alpha with the right alpha settings so it works.

This would save alot of time and it would make things faster.

I dont know how to program .

Can someone code this ? or tell me how to do it ?


There are two scripts here
that may be of use.
Image as mesh & Import 2d cutout,
the reference image script could also be useful.
I generally use the first two.

yeah ! that script is is just was i said, thanx for the link , now i can make after fx stuff in blender easier !