Script to render in the background

(theeth) #1


I recently made a little script that renders the current blend in the background, so you can continue working on it while rendering a test.

If anyone is interested, I might post it online.

PS: it uses the os.spawnl() function and calls blender by command line, so it should be very cross platform.

(S68) #2

Nice idea :slight_smile:

Could be interesting (/me currently save and runs from command line by hand :slight_smile: )


(theeth) #3

yes, of course, you can do it by hand, if you want to type the path to the .blend and all the arguments by hand. :wink:
The script comes with a very simple GUI. Just press the Anim button to render in background, Esc to exit.

I’ll probably post it tonight.


(theeth) #4

there you go :smiley:

just change the BlenderPath = … line to point to the right directory



(Jamesk) #5

Neato idea! How 'bout a script that also generates a couple of render slaves in the next room at the same time as well? I’d need a couple of extra boxes…