Script to smooth IPOs?

Hi all!

Is there a script to smooth IPOs? I need to bake a Armature animation for the gameengine, the outcoming IPOs are very “shaky” at certain points, almost unusable in the gameengine.

Is there a script to smooth the IPOs? I think that should be enough. Strangely while rendering the baked Action is not shaky.


It’s probably shadky in the game engine because it has a keyframe on each and every frame. Could you try removing 4 keyframe out of 5 (only keeping one keyframe for 5 frames) to see if that smooths it out a bit?
I have a feature on my request list to change animation baking to create keyframes on specific intervals, but I haven’t had time to look into it much (or poke Hos to do it for me ;)).


theeth as fast as always :wink:

Hmm, removing keyframes is probably a script (destructive I like that :wink: I can write on my own :wink:

I will try, removing by hand is too much work.