[Script] Wasted UV space percentage

(ambi) #1

Hi guys. I made this simple script because I needed to know the area my UV uses but couldn’t find a function in Blender to calculate it. It supports only tris and quads and ignores UV overlap in the calculation. Let me know if there’s actual need to convert this into an addon.

edit: Added functionality to calculate UV island amount.

(jimpaw80) #2

How do i install this?

(ambi) #3

You don’t. Just open the .py file in a text editor and run the script sc inside Blender. It outputs the info to the system console.

(Craig Jones) #4

Thanks, I’ll check it out later.

(ambi) #5

Added the ability to approximate UV island count. Moved the script to Github.

(ambi) #6

The script is now an addon in the UV/Image editor and works while in edit mode.


Really usefull, thanks!

(jimpaw80) #8

What an great update, wanted something like this for a long time!

(ambi) #9

Updated the addon to work on much larger UV sets. It also doesn’t spam garbage into the console if there is no selected object with UV. The speed improvement should be very noticeable.

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(urkokul) #10

Thanks for good job

(TheMoonMan) #11

Love the addon, I got it to work in the text editor but doesn’t seem to install as a .py. Do you know about TexTools by renderhjs? Maybe you should team up and merge your awesome work with his .

(ambi) #12

If somebody wants to integrate this addon to others, they are very welcome to do so. If and when renderhjs upgrades his TexTools addon to 2.8, I can give it another look. Until that happens, it’s kind of pointless.