Script window bug ?


Since version 2.47 at least (maybe 2.46 i can’t recall), I experience strange bugs in the scripts GUIs.
Just after opening Blender, everything is fine, the GUIs are as they should be.

But if i work a little (I can’t isolate what causes it), they loose their normal appearance and look like on the 1st picture.
You can make the buttons and input fields re-appear if you hover past them with the mouse…only to disappear when the mouse leaves the script window.

That is very annoying.

Someone knows what causes it ?
Is it some ATI bug ?

EDIT: that behaviour is not confined to Blendigo: all GUIs behave so on my system.


I dont know for sure but i would be willing to bet there is 1 of 2 things at work here. Either

A) The dropdowns/check boxes etc disappear as intended to minimize excess drawing, thereby saving GPU cycles for renderview etc.


B) You have a hardware incompatibility. Not something that will be fixed until blender is updated to work with your card.

Hmmm… I have a fairly recent (well, not that recent, but OK) card: ATI 1950 pro from Sapphire.
And I have the lastest ATI drivers.

I am surprised no-one mentions this problem on this forum…
I have just re-installed XP and all, so no great risk of contamination whatsoever…

I wish i had an nVidia…