Script window == Crash, Text Window == Fine


I don’t know if anyone can help me with this problem, but here goes.

I have written a script to export the mesh data from Blender to the Orbiter space simulators file format. This script works really well if I open it up in a text window, and run it from there. However, if I place the script in the Blender scripts folder and then execute the script from scripts window it goes Ka-Boom on any and all events! :frowning:

Is this a common problem people have, or is it just me that Blender doesn’t like? How on earth can it work fine when invoked one way and not when invoked in another way???

You can get the latest version of this script from the SourceForge CVS, here’s a download link

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have,


C’mon… Has nobody come across this problem before?

I’ve got no idea, but I was hoping someone else would be able to offer some advice? Maybe I should log it as a bug with Blender if this has never been seen before?


Can you figure out where exactly it is crashing in your event handling? This is useful and timesaving information for someone trying to debug a problem.

Note: this snippet of code does not do what the comment suggests:

Get all Objects in the current scene.

blObjects = Object.Get()

Object.Get() returns all the objects, not just the ones in the current scene.

Heh, cheers stiv :slight_smile: I’ll sort the comment / code out later.

I’ll also step through the code to find out the exact line that is blowing up, but to be fair, ANY user interface event causes Blender to turn into a smoking heap. So clicking the Cancel button will do the trick, and there’s not much code behind that!