'Scripted Batch Render' for V-ray. Installation problem

Has anyone a good experiance with installing of ‘Scripted Batch Render’ for V-ray? I read the tutorial and follow the insructions on https://github.com/bdancer/vb30/wiki/Scripted-Batch-Render but without a success.

I guess I made a mistake creating the vb30_start_batch.bat where some the actual values should be wroght.
Originally this scrips looks like bellow:

C:\Path\To\Python\python vb30_batch_directory.py ^
–blender=“c:\Program Files\Blender 2.73 (With V-Ray Additions)\blender.exe” ^
–dir=“c:\vb30_blendfiles” ^
–dir_output=“c:\vb30_output” ^

I don’t know how to modify the first line of this script. I changed this to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Python36-32 vb30_batch_directory.py ^

This is a path to my Python instalattion folder.
But this doesn’t work and I have an info running the batch file:

Maybe the problem lies elsewhere. I 'll be appreciative for any suggestion