Scripted Expression Custom Property Driver

Hello, I know there are a couple of old threads relating to this, but I couldn’t quite wrestle a solution from them…

What I want to do is use a custom property “prop” on object A to drive a rotation on object B. I can get it to work if the driver type is ‘Averaged Value’, but this results in the rotation using radians. Its my understanding that to do the conversion to degrees, the driver type should be ‘Scripted Expression’, but when I chose this the driver value never changes - seemingly regardless of what I put in the Expression field.

I have tried it both without a variable, and with a variable “var” pointing to “prop”, then referenced in the Expression field. Even if I just put a numeric value, say 3, in Expr, the driver value still stays at zero.

What am I missing?

Did you deactivated the trusted blend thing that is new in 2.68 or reloaded the blend as trusted?

If yes then your basically on right way with scripted expression. You have to add a “singel property” variable and set it to the object with the costum property. The data path is in your case [“prop”] (the name of the costum property)

As expression add the variabel name (default: “var”). If you costume property has a vaule from 0 - 360 for degrees you have to convert it to radians with: “radians(var)”

Hope it helps

I guess Oscar beat me to it.


268_cust_prop_rot_obj.blend (94.8 KB)

Many thanks guys. It was the Trusted Blend issue.