Scripter for Simple Add-on

Hey guys, I was wondering if there were any scriptwriters that had some free time to write a simple add-on for me. If you are interested please do read on :slight_smile:

The type of add-on I would like to have is a simple menu that you can press Shift+A to add some pre-made objects into a scene.
The thing about these objects though, is it has shapekeys. I would like it so that the shapekeys are somehow imported with it. I don’t know if this is possible or how hard it is since I’m not experienced in scripting at all.

The objects I want added are my Studio Backdrops which very much rely on shapekeys. A lot of people found it useful and convenient, but I think it could be better if there was a quicker way to add it. The only way right now is to click Append, then find the file, then go into the file and find the Group with the studios then append it. That’s a pretty long process that could be WAAYY shorter if it were a simple menu.
Heres a quick mock-up I made to kinda show you what I’m thinking of:
Hopefully someone has some free time to make this an add-on because it will make my backdrops that much more useful and efficient! Thanks in advance for any help (and if this does get made you’ll get full credit for your work of course!) and I hope this wasn’t to demanding or anything, it’s ok if you guys dont have time :slight_smile:

If you are interested please let me know, that would be great!
Happy Blending

I don’t understand what’s so usefull/timesaving about such a Script.
Those Backdrops are very easy and fast to model and once you have them you can always re-use them.

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Alain, isn’t that like saying "why have the cube or UV sphere in a menu when you could just append them…

Isn’t it easier to model a backdrop than a Sphere ? :wink:
Cube and Sphere are basic objects that almost every 3D modelling software has as a groundshape to start modelling.

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I mean, sure you can always model each backdrop and then setup the shapekeys each time you want to use it if you want but that would be inefficient.
Appending or modelling a pipe joint isn’t that hard but it’s a great add-on because its faster to add it from a menu, its a consistent model each time you add it, and there is a variety of pipe joints you can quickly choose from. That’s kind of what I’m going for with this add-on for the backdrops.
I know you can model your own studio backdrops and it’s easy but that would be a waste of time if you could have just clicked to buttons and you have all setup already, and it’s still easily customizable with shapekeys.

Thanks for your input on the subject, I know that you disagree with me but please don’t reply to this with anything hateful or harsh, if you don’t think this would be cool, you can ignore it. I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, hopefully I don’t. :slight_smile:

good idea, the only thing missing imo, is lighting.
If you were to add several pro lighting sets on layers, then it would be a good candidate for an addon.

I was actually thinking of doing that a little later, you’rethe second person to ask that haha, and I think it would really add to it :slight_smile:

Just don’t call it ‘pro lighting setup’ if it’s crap :stuck_out_tongue: do some research on studio photography.

Haha of course! That’s why I said I will do it later because I want it to actually be good, and even when I am done I don’t know if I would call it “pro” :stuck_out_tongue:

hi dzerbs

these are the first three files that i had made for you

Studio (487 KB) (18.5 KB) (8.28 KB)


hi dzerbs

the first three files “Studio Backdrops addon” (8.28 KB) (18.5 KB)

Studio (487 KB)


hi @dzerbs

i have a solution for you

addon Studio (73.7 KB)

install these files in your addon files
and active and save them in your addon preferences
and restart Blender

happy blending !


Hey man this is awesome! What version of Blender are you using though, because mine doesn’t want to work hah. The menu shows:

I might have installed it wrong though so I’m going to retry and then maybe download a newer build, because that really looks like exactly what I was thinking!

It’s awesome! thanks :slight_smile:


I am working with Blender 2.67 r 58075 win 7 64 bits

you can place the files like that*:

C:\Users\dzerbs\AppData\Roaming\BlenderFoundation\Blender\2.67\scripts\addons\Studio Backdrops_init_

sub menu «Studios» work very well
sub menu «Lights» is like a mockup with only a lamp and unfortunately dont work at all


This is a really nice idea. It would be nice if something similar to the shape keys in your original pack could be controlled in a similar fashion to that of the current mesh object properties.

I.e. when adding a backdrop you could hit F6 to open up the options for the new backdrop (or look in the tool shelf). That would really act to make it feel part of the natural workflow and fit in.

Yeah that would be awesome!

hi all !

here’s a new studio backdrops, more efficient, with the possibility of displacement
and rotation of the studio, but the scaling does not work, I do not know why,
you can also align the studio to the current view.
The shape keys are an elegant solution, but it’s terribly difficult to do.
the lights are just the basics of Blender

happy blending


addon new Studio (73.8 KB)addon new Studio (73.8 KB)

Hey this is nice, but the shapekeys were kind of the whole point of these backdrops.