Scripter & Logic artist needed for game!

Hello, our team is currently looking for a good scripter/Logic artist. You don’t need to know both of them, it’s enough if you know one.

What we need you to do right now, is to make the camera on the character, detect collisions. That is where we are stuck at the moment, but I’m sure we will get stuck again down the road :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway if you are interested please reply or pm me, and I’l send you the site link;)

why don’t you post the site link?

Because I don’t want 600 people on our site taking all the stuff we have made so far…it’s team members only:)
I’m sure if I would show you the site we would get 50+ members.
But we have decided to wait to recruit people til the demo is finished, but we haven’t got a scripter. And I can’t get the camera to detect collisions properly…:frowning:

That is why we need 1 person to help us with the script problems we got now:eyebrowlift:

uh, present your project better, please

Alright, a image sais more than a 1000 words! :wink:
Concept art of the main character…
One of the models…
Badly textured spinosaurous…
Concept art of one of the levels.
Concept art of one of the levels.
And this is a ingame screenshot of the dino…all the models are WIP!!!

Take a look at the camera used for YoFrankie!. You can get all the files at Also, nice concept stuff, and I like the dino :slight_smile:

I like the original concept art best. Hope you get the game looking like that.

So what kind of game is it? Best list some of the gameplay and features you wish to implement in order to get a coder. I know a person who pretty much solely focuses on graphical user interfaces with his programming, so a few specifics about what kind of thing you need would allow people to easily meet those expectations.

Another good thing about providing a list will allow the programmer to have a checklist and identify what can be done easily, what can be done and what can’t be done. And what (s)he can do.

There are a few great tutorials out there, why not become your own programmer?

Oh, and another note: You require a programmer and a modeller. A good team like that could make a game of their own. What do you bring to the table and what will the team achieve?

EDIT: Oh, a ‘Logic artist’ meaning artist of the logic? Right. Misunderstood that bit; ignore that last part

Yeah logic artist is a man that uses logic. The gameplay is supposed to be just like Spyro the dragon. Lots of dungeons and puzzles. The story is basically about a dino kid who has lost his parents and one of his friends has been kidnapped. Now he must get them back, I won’t write everything here. It’s simply too much, and i dont think a scripter needs to know all. If he wants to know everything he can check it out at the site…:yes:


love the first concept pic. You should ditch the realistic textures and go for a water-colour cell shaded effect similar to the last POP game. It’s just opinion but it would make the game far more interesting looking. GLSL has toon shading and you can get some nice effects!

You should ditch the realistic textures and go for a water-colour cell shaded effect similar to the last POP game.
Aha, and how does that look like:rolleyes:
Btw are there no scripters who are willing to help?:eek:

Well, I’m a semi-competent ‘scripter’ in python. And I’m sure there are hundreds of people who know python and have experience with the BGE who are just waiting for the right project. But right now, I haven’t heard anything about what the programmer needs to do. If the requirements are impossible, there’s no point in doing it. If the work load is large, the numbers are going to drop off sharply. One way of getting scripters is to post a challenge with a fake working .blend file. I have seen many rise to the bait.

I saw an example for what you are looking for. It was a very complete script. It was along the lines of 3rd person camera example or something. You could try googleing that if you don’t get a coder

Although I haven’t actually tried this method to see if it works, it makes sense to me. Make the character the parent of a cube, make the cube the parent of the camera. Turn the cube to actor and set its bounds to however you would like it then put it near the camera but out of view of it ( like inside of the camera but not on the view)

hej, i don`t have very much time but if you get stuck with a script i can help you out

Yeah ok, could someone make a better tutorial on how to get this script to work…I do exactly as it sais. But it get messed up, and if I try to download the demo and replace the current character with mine…it messes up too. I know nothing about scripting and almost nothing about logic…and my english isn’t the best so that is probably why I fail at following the in my opinion badly written tutorial.