Scripting a Hook

Hi there, its me again …

well i have a hard time in working with the Briks Logics , it seems like they
slow down the process in a hard way down.

However, no my problem, i want to make a hook.
Some of u mb know it, for the others here a explanation:

the hook is thrown into a direction and hitts the first legal target , after this the hook
returns with the target to the caster, and when the target reached the caster, it can walk
walk again.

I have build 2 scenes , the first one is the orginal demo map where the ability
should be
and the second one is to show u how i imagine it should work.

in the second scene to see how i mean it to be pls turn on both the 1 and 2 layer, the
rest should be off, then when u go forward frame by frame, the hook apears, segment by segment. the additional dot that moves there was just experimental, it shows the overall
movment of the hook.

and to clear things up, this is not a DO IT FOR ME cuz IM LAZY, its more a
HELP ME DOING IT so i can learn.

i cant await suggestions. ^^

greets equal


Hook.blend (448 KB)AnimationToShow.blend (508 KB)

hmm, you could try parenting/unparenting for the object returning with the hook.

(it sounds like you’re wanting a gale boomerang effect)