scripting a linked rig of character

Hi! i’m starting to use python in the blender game engine ( i use 2.56) and more or less, everything’s working alright. Thought, i have a doubt about linking and appending.
The thing is that i have the model and rig of my main character in a blend file, and i want to have another blend with the character linked to that one, plus all the gameplay.
I linked it, and made a proxy from the group, making editable a box wich is parent of the rest of the objects in the linked group, then i programmed some simple motion codes for that box… and only the box moves. I revised that the linked group moves in default view when i move the proxy box, so i dont know what’s going on.
If anyone knows how that works, please, i’d use a little help.
Thank you in advance.

BTW for the forum staff: i had problems with the post because for me, somehow, is forbidden to write any word including ‘s-c-r-i-t-p’, so i had to edit the post around 20 times, to spot the troublesome words

Ok, call me impatient, but i guess that if my post reached second page in the subforum and yet nobody replyed, nobody will reply ever. whatever.
btw, if ever someone read this, sorry for the double posting, wich maybe is not so double posting since the other one is from half a week ago.

sorry i’m not very good with python, but maybe it would help someone who is if you posted the blends you wanted so that they could play around with ideas before suggesting them?

Sorry this wasn’t the answer you were looking for!

Also, why are you doing this? what’s it all for?
there could be a much simpler way of getting the results you want and if you tell the forum what it is you want to achieve they might point out an easier way of doing it.

Sorry if that sounded rude i’m tired lol