scripting a swicher - noob question

hi folks i need some help with some simple things before i pull all my hair out

basically i need a dropdown button and that would be a switcher from a list of objects(cameras), something like this:

camList = [ for item in if item.type == “CAMERA”]

this gives me the cameras list in the scene… and i can’t put this objects/cameras on that dropdown

i tried reverse this thing :
bpy.types.Scene.ListEnum = EnumProperty(items = [(‘Eine’, ‘Obj 1’, ‘One’), (‘Zwei’, ‘Obj 2’, ‘Two’),(‘Drei’, ‘Obj 3’, ‘Three’)],name = “List”) scn[‘ListEnum’] = 2
into something like:
bpy.types.Scene.camList=EnumProperty(items =camList, name=“whatever”)

but can’t register… and i have no idea how to get my list inside the enumproperty if it is realy necesary

what i want is a list of all cameras, so i can change them without something happening in 3dview, and then the second button would be “render” (that particular camera so that the render happens only if a push the second butn)

def camList(self,context):
    return [(,,"") for item in if item.type=="CAMERA"]

def update_camList(self,context):[self.camList]

bpy.types.Scene.camList=EnumProperty(items=camList,name="Camera List",update=update_camList)