scripting Curve-Objects in 2.33

Is there anywhere a Documentation or a Tutorial how this works with Python? I mean: Manipulating Curve-Objects, create new ones, open/close them … and all the Stuff. I can’t find anything!
Thanks, Doc

Exactly what I want to know! I can’t find any way of adding points to a curve, though you can manipulate existing points.

Adding Points is my Problem too. Some Peopele say that’s not possible. But as i sayed below, it’s possible to get an empty Curve-Data Object, but not to fill it. That makes no Sense. totally confused

At this point in time, it is not possible to add points to a Curve. You can only call setControlpoint on existing points. This will change however.

It is important to realize that the BPython API, being a newer part of Blender, is a Work In Progress. We are working towards our goal of providing access to Blender’s functionality and data structures.

At the moment, there is a code freeze while we do some bugfixing for the 2.33a release which is happening in the next week or two. After that, barring unforseen natural disasters, we will have addPoint and addCurve features in 2.34.

If you are totally confused now, just wait. You ain’t seen nuthin’! In addition to the FORTRAN-like existing methods, the new interface supports a more pythonesque style of interaction. for example:

for curve in Curve:
    for point in curve:
        # do stuff with point

This also exposes the confusingly named Nurb data structure. But we can talk about that later!