Scripting For Moving and Picking Up Stuff

This is a bit of work I’ve been doing to develop a nice control scheme. A bit heavy on the python but it’s seems to be very controllable. Well except for the item pickup but that’ll require some work.:spin:

Go ahead and use this in your own projects. The script on the player object handles movement, climbing, health, damage and animation. The controls are WASD for moving, shift for run, space for picking up things, mouse button for throwing.

Please tell me on this forum if you have issues.

wow, this looks really impressive, thanks! I’ll have a go at it when I know a little more about the GE… XD

EDIT - it seems the link isnt valid anymore, bummer! Considering the dismal respone you got I’m not surprised. Thx anyway.

I cant get the file for some reason

Problem with the link here. Sounds great,… if it is available anywhere :frowning:

it’s almost a year old, most sites remove stuff that hasn’t been touched for a while pretty fast.

Can you PLEASE upload the file again, i need that script :slight_smile:

This guy hasn’t even been on since may.