Scripting while in EditMesh problems

I am having a problem, and it’s apart of being in Edit mode.

I am trying to write a script that will mirror an object and then when you work on one side, it updates on the mirrored copy. The problem occurs in that when I select anything in edit mesh, the mesh doesn’t get udated until I leave EditMode.

I cannot figure out a way around this. I used a script link that would update on Redraw. I thought I would just script Window.EditMesh(0) then Window.EditMesh(1), but that causes Blender to Redraw and then I get stuck in infinite loop hell. Silly me.

I also tried calling the update() function for my mesh data and that did nothing. So I ask, any ideas?

You could alt+d the mesh (so it’s a linked copy) and then mirror the copy- no programming involved!

lol…i guess that could work.